What is Hotline?


Choose | Easy

+ Mini-consultancy, great for when you need quick answers
+ Access direct expert knowledge in bite-sized pieces
+ Complete your project without all the usual struggle

Learning everything through trial and error is hard work and you end up missing out on vital core knowledge. When you book sessions as short as 15 minutes with our Tableau Certified Experts, you cut the learning curve and go straight to the answers.


Deliver | Fast

+ Deliver your projects complete and on time, every time
+ Learn to cut down the time it takes to get results
+ Speed up the performance of your dashboards

When you need to get a project complete and hit your deadlines, trust in our experts to focus all your attention on the skills you need to produce high quality dashboards. We can also help you optimise your visualisations to make them render faster.


Produce | Beautiful

+ Design beautiful dashboards that impress your team
+ Use best practice so data is always displayed correctly
+ Build function as well as form

If you want to get the look and feel of your dashboards right and make sure the development of your displays is well-ordered instead of organic, then draw on advice from our experts and you will make something beautiful and functional.

What the hotline can help you with

  • General questions and technical advice
  • Performance tuning (light)
  • Dashboard fine-tuning
  • Delivering best practice in every visualisation
  • InterWorks-built solution support
  • Software upgrades
  • Environment migration

What to expect and how to prepare

  • Please prepare your questions so you can make the most of your booked time
  • Feel free to use all of the booked time for any additional questions that arise
  • We use screensharing and online chat, let us know your preferred platform
  • Booking can be cancelled and re-booked if the need arises
  • We cannot guarantee to resolve all your issues in any one session
  • If the issue turns out to be due to a bug in Tableau, then we don’t charge

What you can book

  • Ad-hoc sessions from 15 minutes to 4 hours are available
  • Book on the day or in advance
  • Pay-as-you-go is £35 for 15 minute increments
  • Pre-pay is £30 for 15 minutes, sold as a 10 hour block

What’s not suitable for hotline

  • New project creation and first-time consultancy
  • Tableau development that will take days rather than minutes/hours
  • Business process enhancement and anything not related to Tableau
  • On-site assistance or face to face meetings
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